Saturday, December 27th / 2003

Ok, since a lot of people are coming to my site looking for Cifirica, and it’s actual site seems to be unaccessible, I decided to put out the actual binary for download. So here it is: Cifirica v3.0.

It’s been a long time since I updated this, so what has happened in the world? Mozilla has long passed its 1.0 release, and at the moment its releases are at v1.5 stable and 1.6 beta, while Netscape has been officially killed by AOL. ICQ nowdays is called ICQ Pro 2003b. mIRC v6.12 has had quite a few security bugfixes. WinAMP v5.01 has been released recently. ACDSee v6.0.2 has quite bloated up nowdays. For versions of other latest software and their links, simply browse my site.

I have updated my IEC prefixes and symbols for binary multiples page quite a bit, so check it out. I have also put out a mirror of old Unpatched IE security holes page as it was seen in September 2003 before PivX has stopped its maintainance. I have no intention of maintaining this page myself, as I have no interest in this horrible browser, and will keep it just as a historical snapshot.

Friday, April 5th / 2002

Well so much for my hopes to exchange the monitor. When I rang SONY they said they won’t replace it unless it had 6 or more dead pixels. Which is not mentioned anywhere in the warranty or the manual. *surprise*! They just tell you: “anything up to 6 pixels is considered as normal in the industry.” Even though their warranty promises to replace any defects. So I went to browse the web. And found out some of the warranty dead pixel horror stories about SONY. In short you’ll be told:

  • Up to 5 dead pixels is normal.
  • If they are not in the central region of the screen, it’s not a problem.
  • Replacement with new screen is only within first 30 days after purchase, and after that you get refurbushed screen.

And if you still insist, they will wear you down with bureaucracy, sending you from reseller to dealer to repairer to manufacturer to distributor. Asking you to get all kinds of declarations, stamps and certificates. And get you on something like “Oh that is not an authorised SONY dealer! We won’t replace it.” And by the end you’ll be sorry you started the whole ordeal. And if you do manage to get it replaced, it will cost you time, effort and nerves. Which for me basically doesn’t worth it. So I’ll be living with my one dead pixel. Let them have their satisfaction, at the cost of my respect for them. Which I totally lost now. When you pay $1000 bucks for a 19" monitor you expect to get quality. There are factory seconds shops for anything that’s not perfect. But apparently by the looks of how things work — you are screwed instead by monitor manufacturers like SONY. You can’t trust them when buying a new product, and if you do buy, I urge you to ask for it to be unpacked and tested in front of your eyes before you pay the money (how pathetic it is that you have to do that).

Now let’s move on to the second warranty issue. Here I were much more happier (though of course as usual I’ll complain about a few things). My hard drive. It took a month for me to get my replacement. So I had to spend a month not being able to use my computer properly or fully enjoy my new monitor. Instead of a Quantum hard drive that I had, I were given a new Maxtor hard drive (which is no wonder, since Quantum HD division has merged into Maxtor). The drive I received is the newest Maxtor model which boasts ATA133 support, which of course is a total joke and can’t be taken seriously. So I went online to study the specs and see how my old hard drive Quantum Fireball Plus AS compares with my new Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X. Both are 60GB, and after reading their specs, I came to conclusion that my old Quantum HD was a little bit faster and quieter, but the new Maxtor HD has less parts in it and thus is more reliable. Interestingly, when looking at the top of Maxtor HD, it looks very similar to Quantum. But the bottom has a totally different look. :o) Overall I’m very satisfied with Maxtor’s service, yet I’m sad for losing my old HD. I’ve been a long fan of Quantum HDs, and I bought that HD when I learned of Quantum and Maxtor merger, so that I could have the last Quantum brand HD. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. :o( Oh well.

Now let’s move on onto software news since my last update: new ICQ 2002a Build #3722 is out, Mozilla 0.9.9 (yay 1.0 will be next!), WinAMP v2.79, StarCraft v1.09b, Quake 3 Arena v1.31.

Also any Russian speaking folks might want to download new Cifirica v3.0.

Saturday, February 23rd / 2002

My 60GB hard drive decided it done enough for me in its lifetime and broke. Thank god I did manage to pull everything off it before parting with it. Though I’m still afraid the data I managed to save is corrupted, we’ll see when I get replacement. Luckily it’s still on a warranty, but it’s been 2 weeks already and I still haven’t heard from them. I’m stuck with 2 of my old hard drives bloated with backup to their limits. I even have no space to install Windows. At least I had an old Linux installation on one of my HDs which I am currently using. I’m getting used to it and I actually might never go back to Windows. When I get new HD I’ll just install Windows so I can use Wine to run from Linux any Windows apps that I’ll find hard to part with.

I got my new monitor and it rawks! I’m currently running Linux in 1400x1050 resolution and it looks great. I could run it even higher, but the text becomes blurry, and I haven’t learned yet how to tune up refresh rates in X‐Server. One minor disappointment though, it got one dead pixel and I’m planning to exchange it. The darn thing is also amazingly flat. It also can auto‐center itself. so tuning up different resolutions is a bit easier. Another thing to note, the degauss sound when you turn it up is like thunder. Scared the hell out of me the first time. And the manual says to keep all magnetic‐sensitive things away from it during it because of strong magnetic field. I wonder about floppies lying around on my desk in front of it. :o/ But overall I’m *very* happy with it. :o)

New software releases: WinAMP 3 Beta 3, mIRC v6.01 with v6.0 bugfixes.

Tuseday, February 5th / 2002

Funky, I went from updating this page every day to once in over a month. Baaaaaaaaad me. :o) Anyways let’s see what’s new since my last update…

New software releases: yet another new ICQ build, WinAMP 3 Beta 2.5, ACDSee v4.0 SR1 — much better than v4.0, Mozilla 0.9.8 (yikes! I missed to note 0.9.7 release!), Netscape v6.2.1 (still based on Mozilla 0.9.4), mIRC v6.0 with multi server support! (bit buggy).

I managed to re‐activate PHP support for myself through use of .htaccess file. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Now I can configure this HTTP server for myself the way I want without having to bug the administrator all the time. For example I can serve XHTML files with MIME type they are supposed to be served with — application/xhtml+xml (which of course Microsoft Internet Explorer won’t be able to display because it’s a shit browser).

Actually since release of Opera v6.0, IE has moved from the second best (after Mozilla/Netscape) to the 3rd best (read as worst out of all popular browsers). And the release of Mozilla v1.0 is coming closer and closer.

I’m shedding big time today. I got badly sunburnt last week (be damned ozone holes!). Now I’m flaking like a freak. I’m getting myself a new monitor SONY CPD‐G420. My 5 year old 15" monitor is real crap. This should be awesome. :o)

Monday, December 17th / 2001

I got a distinction for my subject, so working on all those assignments has paid off. I got no money left, so now it’s really time to search for a job, and at this particular time it aint that easy. Watched Original Sin last week. Good movie.

New software releases: yet another new ICQ build, WinAMP v2.78c, BPFTP v2.4, WinZip v8.1 — yaaaay! also WinAMP 3 Beta 2 is out, and Diablo II v1.09D

There are also some new literature links in the Russian section. In particular a great collection of Russian poetry.

Today I finally decided to publish a few documents that might be of interest to people. They describe SI prefixes for decimal multiples and IEC prefixes and symbols for binary multiples. This is actually the first time I’m producing content that is useful, interesting, and educational. Took me some effort to collect and present all this information and I hope people will like it. I’m also planning to publish a page on names of large numbers, which is quite interesting too. :o)

This server for a brief moment started to support PHP which made me very excited and I started converting my site to PHP. But unfortunately PHP support was soon removed, and I’m once again stuck with boring static content. Shame. :o( At least I still got my good old trusty JavaScript and DOM, and soon I might put here a few more interesting DHTML toys. :o)

Saturday, November 24th / 2001

My grandmother died last week from cancer. And my granddad has been diagnosed with it. This is the first close relative death for me. We are going back to Belarus for the first time in 6 years, and hope to make it there before the New Year. I done my exams, and because of all this, my plans of looking for a job are postponed until after we return from Belarus, and that could be months.

My bestest friend finally got herself a b/f, and it appears — a great one. I’m so happy for her. No more of me having to listen to her whining about how much her ex sucks and how she can’t get over him, and having to give her advises about wiping him out of her life, that fall on the deaf ears. Woohoo!!! ;o)

I got people searching for me, wanting to beat me up. All because of me not being able to keep my mouth shut. Funnnnnnnnnnn… I never actually dealt with amoral people before. I told a girl that her b/f sleeps around with everything that breathes and has a hole in it, after he bragged about it. I just couldn’t talk to her with a straight face, knowing this. So I told. Now I’m portrayed as this evil bastard who set this all up and someone who likes to spoil things for other people. Cute isn’t it? Some people live their entire life through lying. Some can’t lie at all. I can’t. And it’s my curse. Aint I a shocker. And when someone expects me to cover their dirty lies, problems occur. Truth cuts deep. And now I have someone with no consciousness at all about his own disgusting behaviour looking to bust me. Guess he’ll feel better about himself after that. lol. A kind of self therapy, so you don’t have to face yourself and see what a shocker you are.

Anyways, since my last entry ICQ 2001b has been updated, also Mozilla 0.9.6 has came out.

Thursday, November 1st / 2001

Today I’ve passed test for a P2 provisional driving license. Yupeeeeee!!! If only I would’ve hurried with getting L and P license last year, I could’ve had a full unrestricted license by now. Oh well! I’ll have to wait 2 years for it now.

I now have converted my site to XHTML 1.1. I’m becoming quite an expert on this. :o)

A few new releases have happened since my last update: Mozilla 0.9.5, Netscape 6.2 (based on Mozilla 0.9.4), ICQ 2001b, and for those interested, WinAMP 3 Beta is out and it looks quite usable.

I continue my small contribution on Mozilla project and did about 3 bugfixes in the past month. A week or so ago, Mozilla has exploded with some exciting new checkins. A lot of new features are being added. Apparently Netscape marketing department has issued lists of features that users want to see in the browser. A plan on implementing these features has been created, which schedules time and developers for implementing them. The usual boring bugfixing has been replaced with full on feature implementation. The next 0.9.6 release of Mozilla should be quite exciting. :o)

I’ve been to a trip to Blue Mountains few weeks ago. Awesome. Simply awesome. I might post pictures some time. Now I have last assignments and exams in front of me. Time of stress and unease. Hopefully soon it’ll be over and I will start looking for a job. Enough of lazing around. :o)

Sunday, October 7th / 2001

Phew!… I just submitted another assignment (on time), and am tired as hell. Lots of news in my Apps section happened since my last update:

Games: Quake 3 Arena v1.30, Diablo II v1.09b. Apps: ACDSee v4.0, RAR v2.90, WinAMP v2.77.

Also in my Russian section I’ve added link to a great collection of Russian song lyrics with guitar tabs. And also updated the link to Cifirica — a must‐have tool for Russian speaking Internet community.

On October 4th, once again I had 20 mysterious hits to this site. This must be some kind of crawler robot. I wonder what it crawling for. If it’s just a search engine, I don’t mind. But if it’s a spam system searching for e‐mail addresses… *shudder*. Either way the fact that it hits again and again 20 times seems strange to me.

Work that I’ve mentioned in previous entry, that I have done for Mozilla, has been checked in and can be seen in current nightly builds. It will be included in release v0.9.5 of Mozilla, and *maybe* in version 6.2 of Netscape.

Monday, September 24th / 2001

I’m baaaaad, no updates for 2 weeks. But oh well, I’ve been busy. Anyways it’s time to celebrate! My site has passed 100 hits since its redesign! Not bad. It looks like I now have got myself one regular visitor here. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. ;o) As you can see, I’ve added some nice little buttons for each entry, so they now can be expanded or collapsed in order to save space. Probably the dumbest and most useless thing. lol

I also got some amazing news. I have submitted last 2 assignments ON TIME!!! Can you immagine that!? That’s something out of science fiction realm. Not only that, I got “Excellent!” for both of them! Freaky stuff I tells ya. I’m doing only 1 subject this session at uni. Maybe I should start going to the lectures as well (I haven’t been to a single one), just to make it all sweet and candy. We’ll see.

Another good movie I watched last week was Nurse Betty. This pleasant moviegoing experience, however, was abruptly ended by a $150 parking ticket. Aint I’m lucky? My first ever parking ticket by the way. Not long ago I had my first random breathe test too (funny that, I don’t drink). So I guess now to be totally accepted into the world of motorists all I have left to do is shred a few points off my drivers license. *knocks on the wood* I got only 3 points on my P1 provisional license. In the beginning of next month I can do a test to receive additional 3 points on P2 provisional license. Cool, soon it’ll be one full year of me driving.

Last week I’ve done big work of converting all Mozilla’s about: services to XHTML 1.1 or HTML 4.01 Strict. I’ve produced an 18KiB patch and already have it reviewed by Mozilla/Netscape reviewers and it should be checked in sometime during this week. After that all about: services in Mozilla will be made standard compliant by me. ;o)

Tuesday, September 11th / 2001

Another weekend has passed. I submitted another assignment on time. YAAAAAAY!!! I also watched Blow the second time. I’ve ever watched only 2 movies twice in cinema. The first one was about 3 years ago — The Mummy. :o) And I did manage to fix things with the gal I were talking about in last update. But still, as they say first impressions last. I did screw up and that sux and no erasing that, but I’m happy that it worked out and no grudges are held (I hope not) :o)

Some people’ve told me I’ve got myself a Bridget Jones’ diary on here. lol Freaky. That wasn’t really my intention. I’ve always been somewhat negative to the whole idea of a “Diary”. Oh well. At least my page aint as dull as it used to be (though some might not think so). lol Noone really reads it anyways, so that’s ok, I can do whatever I want on here. ;o) By the way last entry finally completed a weekdays set. That is now I got an entry for every day of the week. Impresive aye? lol! And in final news — Diablo II v1.09B patch has came out, but those who play it should know it already. ;o)

Saturday, September 8th / 2001

I’ve made a woman angry. And I feel bad about it. I don’t like spoiling someones wellbeing. She didn’t deserve it. I barely know her. I could just walk away and not care. I didn’t do it on intention, and I didn’t understand at first why she got so upset (women, hard to figure them out). But I think I do now, and it’s kinnda sad and stupid how it all came out. And it’s my fault, even though it was unintentional. I’m one of those people that can’t sleep at night when they are guilty of something. I wish I could somehow make her feel better, but I just don’t see how I can do that. As I said I barely know her, and I could disappear back where I came from, besides that is what she wants, but the whole thing is just so stupid and unfair to both of us. I enjoyed talking to her, and I know she enjoyed it too. She was one of the nicest and wellmeaning persons I’ve met in a long time and I feel absolutely stupid. You know, it’s the kind of things in life you are ashamed of and you wish you never did them. I never wanted to make her feel unappreciated. I never wanted to make her feel stupid for being nice to me, and I never wanted to spoil any good impression she had about me. And I don’t know about the impression, but one thing I do know for sure — she shouldn’t feel unappreciated or stupid. Because I do appreciate the nice treatment she gave me. The modern tendencies that a woman shouldn’t be nice to guys and should be a bitch to everyone — well they suck. And she should be proud she isn’t like that, not feel stupid about it. Girls like her are rarity these days and I wish I never spoiled things with her. :o/

This is a good example of how when it comes to women, whatever IQ you might have — you still can be an idiot. I just wish I were an idiot with someone else instead of her. :o)

Wednesday, September 5th / 2001

I watched Blow yesterday. I must say this is the best movie I’ve seen this year. It appears that all movies are shit lately. I haven’t seen a good one in a long time. Well this one restored my faith that some goodness does come out from Hollywood once in a while. I were simply impressed with it in the end. The funny thing though was seeing “This movie is based on a true story” in the beginning, and “All characters and events are fictitious and blah blah blah…” in the end of it.

I were lying in my warm bed today and thinking that if I get a job how it’ll suck — getting up every morning and going there. Yet I do want to get a job and be productive and make something out of my life. I do have ambitions, but it’s the getting up in the morning part that I don’t like. I wish I could get a job where I could work from home like my dad. Most of the time he works from home. He gets up whenever he wants to, goes fishing so often instead of doing anything, yet he’s great at what he does. Well that rocks if you ask me! I’ve sorted uni out, and I really should start looking for a job now. :o/

Sunday, September 2nd / 2001

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! How’s life treating you? Good? Bad? So‐so? You don’t give a shit? Hmmmmmm. Life… it’s such a complicated thing. Is it possible to classify it? Is it possible to define it? Well, let’s see. Life sux when you give a shit. Life rox when you don’t. Your conscience sux when you think that you should give a shit, but on the other hand you are a total sucker if you do, and you think that you shouldn’t. You’re totally screwed if you don’t know wether to give a shit or not, and you’re crazy if you don’t know wether you do give a shit. Hmmmm looking up at that, if you ask me how’s my life, I’d have to answer “I’m a screwed up sucker” :o)

I need to learn the art of not giving a shit. Then I will be a superior human being ready for World domination. (Just kidding.) Being able not to give a shit when you think you shouldn’t — rocks! Life becomes so easy! Conscience is a good thing though, so I wouldn’t wanna be unable to give a shit. That would make me a lower being. But there’s just no cure for when you don’t know wether you should or not. Oh… sorry, I’m wrong, there is. It’s ability to access enough information to be able to decide wether you should “give a shit” (Yes this is becoming the phrase of the day). But what if you are presented with misinformation? And you don’t know which information is true or not? You have to verify it.


Oops you’re unable to verify either! Too baaaaad. Music everyone! YOU ARE SCREWED! Congratulations! This is how computers freeze. They start cycling around one thing, not being able to decide what they should do next, because some essential data that’s required for this decision is missing. And they will stay in that state until they are reset. But the bad news is: humans are not computers and they can’t be reset. The good news, however, appear to be that the humans are allowed to modify the dreaded state lock, to suit them, and thus come out of it. Unless!!! Unless you have a conscience that does not allow you to do such a thing, and demands objectivity from you. 7 letters. S. C. R. E. W. E. D.

Wednesday, August 29th / 2001

Wah wah, no updates for a week. But who cares, noone reads em anyways. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer v6.0 few days ago, which has better support for CSS1. BOOOOOOOOOOOO is all I say. Mozilla not only has full support for CSS1 and CSS2, but it also can do some CSS3 which haven’t even been released yet and is in working draft. CSS is a very powerfool vehicle when it comes to web design. You can achieve amazing things with it. This is why I disregard Internet Explorer as a second grade browser. I can not wait for release of final CSS3 specification, so I can enjoy all its power and flexibility in Mozilla.

I did an IQ Test yesterday and got score of 154. Their verdict was: “Genius”. Apparently according to them only ½ of a percent of all the people achieve score as high as mine or higher. But what’s worth of a genius with no motivation (aka lazy genius)? Yeah sure I do have interests which I spend time on, but I can’t say they are very creative or that I get paid money for the stuff that I like to do. :o/ I need someone to inspire me. I need someone to be impressed and excited about shit I do so that I will want to continue doing it and be more productive. I haven’t had that in years. All I hear on a day to day basis all these years is what a disappointment I am.

Tuesday, August 21st / 2001

2 updates in my soft sections. BulletProof FTP v2.35 is out as well as Diablo II v1.09.

Speaking of Diablo, I can say that I have finally completed it on Normal difficulty after killing The Cow King. ;o) It’s an amazing game, and I’m stunned by people who came up with this concept. This is where words “true game design” come to mind. I’m not talking about software design, not graphic, effects or level design (although they *are* brilliant), but design of actual game concept. This is where unsurpassed magic of Blizzard Entertainment comes to life. Designing a game, which even after completion, you want to continue playing, and even after that keeping the interest up, by shifting it into multiplayer arena. Simply amazing.

Monday, August 20th / 2001

My up‐all‐night‐sleep‐all‐day pattern sux, but oh well. Today I wrote my first XHTML 1.1 page, weeeeeeeeee!!! Hopefully it will be included in Mozilla project as well. I previously done about:plugins page for Mozilla, and if you have latest release of it, or Netscape 6.1, you can see my name if you do View Source on about:plugins page.

I had some mysterious page hits here today. I wonder who it was. Judging from the stats, probably it’s some kind of nerd like me. ;o) What puzzles me is what they found so interesting in it as to refresh it 20 or so times. But hey, I can’t complain, I get hits, baby! *drool*

I been feeling pretty romantic lately, all thanks to a song from soundtrack to Shrek movie. It’s called “It Is You (I Have Loved)” and is performed by Dana Glover of whom I never heard prior to this. But anyways, the melody makes me wanna Waltz, and combined with lyrics, it brings that good fuzzy feeling.

Interesting how almost all my interests and hobbies are showing through these few web page entries. Now I should classify them through parts of my site, instead of dumping everything onto front page. But that would require me to cross the threshold of sufficient motivation, and that threshold in me is veeeeery high. :op

Friday, August 17th / 2001

I’ve been to my usual ballroom dancing class today. 3 hours of workout till you can barely stand. This is actually the third time I’m doing this course, my friend dragged me into it AGAIN. The result of being such a veteran is that a lot of the time I’m performing a role of a male model demonstrator. That means dancing with a teacher who is (you guessed it) male, while he demonstrates the girls’ moves. But none the less, I do get a chance to dance with girls every so often ;o) Nowhere else you can handle so many sweaty females in 3 hours! Which by the way makes you realise how everyone is so different. Some are a real pleasure to dance with, some are allright, and some make you wanna shoot yourself. One might barely move, and another jumps all over the place like a frog, so you gotta give one a little shove and try to hold down the other. Some even try to lead you! But with some it really works out and all you can say is “wow!” after you dance with them.

For the dance to work and look good, both partners should know the moves and be good at performing them. Even while you are able to do it great, if you get a bad partner — it all falls apart. If your partner is great and you screw up — same thing happens. Being able to recover from mistake is a great thing though. :o) We are being taught by one of the best ballroom teachers in Australia, and he’s doing an excelent job.

At the moment we’re doing some Rock&Roll with inserts of Jive (though I’d rather do Jive with inserts of Rock&Roll, people say Jive is the hardest but it’s kinnda easy and more enjoyable for me.) and some Rumba which every time gives me a really sore back from all the hips action. Next week we’re gonna do some pretty hardcore tricks with handling the ladies, where they would have to trust and rely on our strength. I just hope I won’t have to perform it with the teacher. hahaha That’d be something!

I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon today for the first time. Great movie! The stunts are innocently silly. But otherwise it’s a true masterpiece, and if you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it without hesitation. :o) Anyways, I’m tired ass hell, my legs are killing me, it’s 4am and I need some rest.

Thursday, August 16th / 2001

Another day has passed, and I’m still on this planet. Speaking of planets… I just came back from watching Planet Of The Apes. It’s not a ground breaking Oscar winner kind of movie, but it is quite amusing. The plot was somewhat classical and well predictable.

But hey, it’s the actual trip to the movies that counts. And trust me, I do know how to enjoy myself there. I bought myself a bug of pistachio nuts in a supermarket and a large bottle of PEPSI. First of all I don’t like Coke that much, and secondly I just don’t understand people who buy a glass of Coke at the movies for like $3–$4 or so, while you can buy a big bottle at the supermarket for $1.50! Though I must admit, the bigger bottle means the bigger bladder problems during second half of the movie. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for inner peace and satisfaction of saving a few bucks. ;o)

On the technical news front, today was fixed one of the major and oldest Mozilla drawback bugs: the inability to render text/html and text/plain <object> tags (for more info see bug 678 at Bugzilla). Die frames die! :o)

Having mastered XHTML 1.0 I face an even bigger challenge of mastering XHTML 1.1, reccomendation of which has been completed in May this year, and is nothing like any other hypertext markup language before it.

Wednesday, August 15th / 2001

Well I finally I decided to complete the redesign of my site and not drag it off any longer. If I continued succumbing to my perfectionism, I would never be able to complete it. So I’m putting up what I got, finished or not.

The actual re‐design is done in compliance with XHTML Strict and CSS2 standards. This means that to fully enjoy and appreciate this site, you require a W3C standards complying browser. At the moment there’s only one browser which comes close to being able to support all features of HTML and CSS — Netscape v6.1 which is based on Mozilla project. This is the latest and most powerful browser engine out there, and it is free. I highly urge you to give it a try for the most powerful and flexible browsing experience.

At the moment I am unable to make this site even more “cool”, because I am unable to utilise server‐side dynamic content. For that I would have to change my hosting provider. Which I would probably do when I decide to move my lazy ass and register a domain name for this place and actually pay for hosting, and only you, visitors to this site, can inspire me to do that. ;o) The more feedback and visits I get the more inspired I would be to work on the site.

I’m planning to expand my Russian section into something more than just a bunch of links. And basically try to stop the entire site from being as dull as it’s been for the last 4 years :op

Feedback and sudgestions are welcome. Visit my guestbook, or send me an e‐mail.

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